4 Ways To Look Attractive In A Black Formal Shirt

by Muneeb Khan on June 20, 2024

One of the most versatile options for every man's wardrobe is black men’s branded shirts. It is an extremely sophisticated and elegant choice, which is capable of elevating your style in a second. When styled in the correct manner, it can make quite a powerful statement, and help individuals enhance their overall appearance. In this article, we will take a look at four of the best steps that should be taken in order to look attractive in a black formal shirt, and truly own the look. 


Choose The Right Fit

The main step has to be choosing the right kind of fit for your shirt. The fit of the shirt is able to determine how attractive an individual looks in the shirt. Real fitting shirt can make the individual wearing it appears, sloppy, and unprofessional while a fitted shirt will accentuate the physique and help you appear more professional. Make sure that the shirt fits nicely across the chest, and shoulder area, and the seams aligned with the edge of the shoulders. The sleeves should end right at the wrist part, and the shirt should be long enough to be tucked in for a more professional appearance. A slim or tailored fit is generally the most common choice as it is the best option for a wide variety of physiques, as it accentuates and follows the natural contours of the body without the fabric snagging or appearing too tight.

Chester Bernard has proudly perfected the impeccable fit of their black, formal shirt, with its 2 ply fabric, and thread count of 120 to 140, making this shirt perfectly drape over the frame of the person wearing it. It also features clean, smooth, stitching, with 21 stitches per inch, which make the shirt not only refined, but also extremely durable.

Pay Attention To The Details

Details are capable of adding a lot of charm into an outfit, and can completely elevate the appearance of a simple, black formal shirt. Chester Bernard formal shirts stand as an example of meticulous craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. The collar of the formal shirt is made from 16 individual pieces of fabric, have removable stays that are guaranteed to hold their shape and appear professional throughout the day, even with constant wear and tear. This attention to detail allows the collar to stand upright perfectly, frame the face in an elegant manner, and add to the overall structure and charm of the shirt.

Additionally, with the convertible double barrel cuffs of the shirt, individuals are investing in a shirt that is not only versatile but also allows them to switch between standard button closure, and more formal cufflink style. The cuff has been fused in order to maintain a formal appearance, and measures precisely 3 inches, which adds a lot of elegance to the wrist area of the shirt. Such small yet thoughtful details can add a lot of personality to the double cuff shirts for men and further enhance its wearability.

Coordinate With The Right Accessories

Having the right kind of accessories to be paired with a black formal shirt can take your outfit from good to outstanding in merely a second. black shirt is capable of acting as the perfect monotone background and canvas, which can be paired with a variety of accessories. If you wish to appear classic, as well as formal, pair your formal shirt with a sleek gray or black colored tie. However, if you wish to appear modern and somewhat casual, it is best to choose a tie that is in slightly lighter colors or has patterns on it that can compliment the shirt nicely.

Chester Bernard shirts feature compact yet highly dense buttons that are a perfect replication of mother of pearl buttons, and can add a subtle luxury to the outfit. The buttons along with their reinforced buttonholes make sure that the shirt looks impeccable throughout the day and can perfectly match all occasions. Individuals can pair their shirt with a stylish watch, some elegant cufflinks, if they are using the convertible cuff option, and luxurious pocket Square to perfect the look. The right kind of accessories are capable of not only adding a personal touch to the outfit, but also showcase your fashion skills while creating a one of a kind appearance. 

Ensure Proper Maintenance And Presentation 

A well-maintained shirt is a lot more attractive than one that is wrinkled and appears unfit for being worn. Try to regularly launder the shirt and get it ironed so that it is constantly at its best. Chester Bernard Formal Shirts with their high quality construction and fabric, are designed in a manner that they can withhold the daily wear and tear, and appear well maintained even after being worn for a whole day. 

Looking attractive in a black formal shirt is a combination of multiple factors like choosing the right kind of fit, making sure it is maintained constantly, accessorizing it with the right kind of pieces, as well as paying attention to details that you may otherwise ignore. By following these practical tips, individuals can enhance their appearance and stay confident, no matter where they go.