This privacy policy covers situations where we, Chester Bernard, access, collect, store process, use, disclose or transfer your personal information in paper or electronic form. It also covers situations where approved partners or other members use your personal information on our behalf.

In some cases, other policies apply to you. It may be the case when you use certain products or services, and in this event:

You will be notified of these other policies while using the products or services they apply to.

Such policies will supersede this privacy policy unless they expressly refer to it.

This privacy policy does not cover products or services you might use as provided by other companies acting on their own account.

We, Chester Bernard, act as the “data controller”, which means that we determine “why” and “how” your personal information is collected and used.

To be able to deliver our products and services to you, we need to share your personal information with approved partners  who generally act as our “data processors”. All are bound by an obligation to implement appropriate security measures to protect personal data in their possession, and are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and specific contractual terms on “how” and “when” they are allowed to use your personal information on our behalf.

Please be aware that certain approved partners, such as our franchisees and licensees or social media, could also determine “why” and “how” your personal information is used. They have their own privacy and cookies policies, so remember that the personal information you give them will be subject to their rules and not ours.

We will use your personal information to manage our relationship with you and to perform our obligations under the contract you conclude with us when you purchase or otherwise request products or services from us. This can cover various activities such as internal accounting, processing your payment or delivery.

Once you have requested us to create your Chester Bernard profile, your personal information will be linked to this profile, where we will keep all the information we have on you. This could include personal information we obtain directly from you as well as from other sources in accordance with applicable legislation. The information in your Chester Bernard profile is crucial to provide you with the Chester Bernard personalized and tailored experience, and thus it needs to be kept up to date for the best experience.

You should have the same unified experience no matter how we communicate. Whether this happens in our stores, on our website, by chat, by phone or by video, and whether you contact us or we contact you, we want to provide you with relevant and tailored customer service.

For this purpose of providing you the Chester Bernard experience, we will collect, store, process, use, disclose and transfer your personal information to be able to identify you. This will allow us to provide you with the tailored assistance you are asking for or to share relevant information with you. In addition, when you contact us, we may retain the personal information you share with us to always provide you with such a customised and personalised experience. This could happen if you are an existing or potential customer. Your personal information will be linked to your Chester Bernard profile, if you have requested us to create one, or to a potential customer profile.

To provide you with a smooth and enjoyable customer experience, know you better to provide you with tailored answers, and to improve the quality and security of our services, we may rely on your consent, proceed in accordance with our contract with you, or take all reasonable steps to enter into a contract with you, or rely on our legitimate interest to improve our services.