Classic White Formal Shirt in Double Cuff 2xC

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Woven from the heart of the finest fabrics, this Classic White Formal Shirt in Double Cuff is a testament to Chester Bernard's unparalleled commitment to quality and elegance. This shirt is crafted from 100% cotton jacquard in a pinpoint weave with a sublime mother of pearl finish. The fabric, chosen with the greatest of care, has been transformed by skilled artisans into a shirt with a classic Eton inch collar, which adds an undeniable aura of sophistication. The back of the shirt is fitted with two smart pleats for optimal comfort. Its full sleeves, double cuffs, and an exceptional 22 stitches per inch speak volumes of the meticulous attention to detail in crafting formal shirts in Pakistan. The reinforced mother of pearl buttons, along with the impeccable single needle stitching, make this shirt a quintessential piece for high profile events such as board meetings and formal family gatherings.