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Men's Black Shirt with Mustard Diagonal MusNCB OL-157

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Unveiling a remarkable blend of craftsmanship and design, the Mustard Diagonal In Black Shirt is a sartorial masterpiece. Crafted from high-quality poplin with a meticulous 22 stitches per inch, this shirt stands out in a crowd. The cutaway 3-inch white collar adds a contrasting touch, setting it apart from conventional designs. The reinforced mother of pearl compressed buttons are not only visually appealing but promise longevity. Single needle stitching throughout guarantees the fine craftsmanship and integrity of the shirt.

In the bustling streets of fashion capitals, the Mustard Diagonal was born. It is inspired by the confident stride of modern men and the intricate patterns of city structures. Our design team envisioned a shirt that marries boldness with sophistication, and thus this unique diagonal mustard pattern came into being, contrasting beautifully against the deep black.

This shirt is the epitome of modern corporate chic. Wear it for important board meetings or presentations where you need to command attention. Pair it with a sharp black or grey suit for the office or a tailored trouser for evening networking events. Its distinctive design makes a powerful statement, setting the tone for dynamic discussions and influential decisions.