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by Muneeb Khan on March 11, 2024

Spending hours in the gym is the perfect way to build muscle and look appealing, but it becomes harder to look good in most formal shirts. Be it black tuxedo shirts or a dark grey formal shirt, individuals are constantly trying to find the perfect shirt type for their muscular bodies. The need for the perfect formal shirt type becomes eminent, and this article intends to serve as a guide into the best type of shirt for muscular people. 

What Are The Discerning Features Of A Muscular Man?

Before we try to break down the different shirt types and find the perfect match for bulkier people, we have to consider the physically obvious features of muscular individuals. Most gym-goers can be seen with bulkier upper bodies, i.e. chest, arms, and shoulders. Their waists are considerably smaller, making them appear in a sort of V shape in their upper bodies. The lower bodies will showcase thicker thighs but slimmer calves. Understanding the body type of a truly muscly guy can help individuals find a shirt type that compliments their body the most. 

What Shirt Types Compliment Muscular People?

There are many formal shirt types that can compliment the body type of muscular people, but it is essential to take a closer look at all of the shirts, and determine the perfect one. Let us take a look at the logical features of different shirt types and how they might be able to compliment the bodies of muscular individuals: 

Casual Shirts 
When it comes to casual shirts and muscular people, the pairing may seem quite daunting. With the lightweight fabrics, and casual stitching, there may be a great chance that the shirt may cause the individual to appear fat. For most muscular men, until and unless they wear well-fitted shirts, their body type remains at risk of potentially appearing fat and non-muscular. However, if a fitted and tailored casual shirt is chosen, it can be quite a conventional partner for everyday wear.  

Formal Shirt
Formal shirts are a considerably better option. They are made with thicker fabrics that fall gracefully on the body, and fitted stitching, which can help the shirt appeal to certain features of the body. Muscular people have different bodily proportions, and with tailored stitching, they can customize shirts in hopes of complementing their muscles nicely. A lilac formal shirt can be quite the option for formal occasions, due to its ability to help frequent gym goers look rather charming and graceful. 

Tuxedo Shirts
Tuxedo shirts are often left in a league of their own. Considered to be the pinnacle of formal elegance, tuxedo shirts are more than capable of fitting any body type they are put on. With premium fabrics, and detailed stitching, a white tuxedo shirt can be the most perfect option for muscular people. With their flawless fitting, and luxurious ambiance, these shirts can be chosen for all sorts of formal occasions, in order to appear not only sophisticated but rather formal. 

How To Style The Best Shirt For Muscular People?

Chester Bernard has customized a great few lines of Formal shirts, Casual shirts, and Tuxedo shirts, in hopes of providing men with a larger variety for their wardrobes. These shirts come in a large number of colors, patterns, and specifications, to help men with all kinds of body types dress in a more appealing way. The best styling tips for muscular people are: 

  • Choose lighter colors, with neutral shades, as they help showcase the muscles better. 
  • Opt for heavier fabrics to add more depth and bulk into the figure. 
  • Try layering in order to enhance shoulders and help them appear broader.
  • It is always a better option to hide the arms. Go for longer sleeves, and avoid short sleeves as much as possible. 
  • Try customizing the fit of the shirt, so that the chest, shoulders, and waist can have a lot more definition. 

These tips are not only going to help muscular individuals appear bulkier but also help them wear formal outfits in a more appealing method. Be it double cuff shirts for men, or simple white tuxedo shirts, opting for thicker fabrics, and  well-fitted stitching is capable of doing absolute wonders in the right setting.