The Evolution of Formal Shirts: From Classic to Modern

by Muneeb Khan on March 10, 2023

The evolution of formal shirts for men has been interesting to watch over the decades. From classic to modern to contemporary styles, there have been many changes in the design, fabric, and style of formal shirts.

Formal shirts have always been a staple for men's wardrobe. Whether it's for an office meeting or an evening event, formal shirts are a go-to choice for men. In Pakistan, formal shirts are an essential part of men's apparel. Pakistani men are very particular in wearing shirts for each occasion that they attend. There are many brands that provide shirts in Pakistan in various genres of design, and Chester Bernard is one of the few that carries all genres under one roof. Known for its premium quality, Chester Bernard is one of the go-to brands for shirts in Pakistan.

The classic formal shirt in Pakistan has always been a white shirt with a classic collar. This has been a standard for years and is a staple shirt for all men. It's a timeless piece that can be paired with any suit, tie, or pants. It is an all-time classic and is a must-have in every man's wardrobe. What has changed is the depth of fabric selection, weaves, and designs from plain finishes to jacquards.

Over time, the design of formal shirts has evolved. From the classic fits, tailored, to now slim fits, we have seen various changes in the style and patterns of formal shirts. Furthermore, there has been a great development in collar designs such as the semi cutaway, the full cutaway, and pointed collars, which are based on various facial structures. The type of collar augments the overall features of the man wearing the shirt. Therefore, the modern formal shirt has been designed to be more specific to its wearers. Now more than ever, the various shapes, patterns, and colors are available to suit the disposition of all types of wearers. All these choices have become more available en masse due to online availability.

Although there is a shift to a dress-down culture internationally and within Pakistan, the formal shirt still maintains its position within professional spaces. In Pakistan, the office culture is very formal, and men are expected to dress appropriately for the office. The office formal shirt is another common style with usually a solid color and a button-down collar. It's a classic design that is perfect for office wear. When finding office shirts for men, formal shirts are the best choice.

The importance of formal shirts in a man’s wardrobe has seen the introduction of branded formal shirts. Branded formal shirts are becoming more sought after and increasingly popular in the market space. Other than being a sign of luxury, and status, they wear differently and stand out as compared to other high-street brands. Simply, they provide high-quality, longevity, and often a design sophistication which common brands find difficult to duplicate. Chester Bernard is one of the few branded formal shirts that are perfect for men who are looking for a particular quality for their wardrobe.

Dress shirts for men are at the top of the hierarchy of formal shirts for men. This is where evolution has taken place mostly in the quality of fabric used. For example, mother of pearl fabric finishes, quality of threads and improvements in technical tailoring finishes, set this category as the highlight of the formal shirts. The dress shirt for men is the perfect jewelry statement for an evening event.

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