How To Style Casual Shirts For Formal Events?

by Muneeb Khan on June 27, 2024

If you have to attend a formal event, and do not own any formal shirts, you can style your casual shirts, in certain ways to enjoy a formal attire. Chester Bernard, renowned casual shirt brand has curated collections of casual shirts that are capable of being worn in different formal events. In this article, we will look at how you can style your casual shirt to attend a formal event.

The Difference Between Casual And Formal Shirts

There are a few general differences that you may be able to notice at first glance. The main difference has to be in the structure of the shirt. Formal shirts are more structured, have a lot more crispness, and are a lot more structured. When compared to formal shirts, casual shirts are less structured, and do not have the same crispiness. casual shirts have a lot more relaxed, fit, casual fabrics, and feature more designs and patterns as compared to formal shirts. formal shirts typically featured premium fabrics, and have extremely fitted tailoring for it to provide a very good silhouette. Casual shirts are tailored, quite casually, and more often than not do not have any specific structural fitting. These differences are the reason why formal shirts are opted for on formal occasions, as they look comparatively better on one's body.

Can I Style My Casual Shirt For Formal Events?

It is essential to recognize that casual shirts can be worn at formal events, but they will not give the same look. The whole point of a formal shirt is that it looks best in formal dress codes, and brings out the charm of these events. This does not mean that you cannot wear your Cashmere shirt on a formal event, and you certainly will be able to have a graceful and sophisticated look even with your casual shirts. In the end, it all comes down to the way you choose to style your formal shirt. 

How To Style Casual Shirt For Formal Events?

There are a few strategies you can employ to make sure your casual shirt fits the formal event standards, and makes you look sophisticated as well as modern: 

The Fit Of The Shirt

Try to opt for a shirt that is the closest to your fitting, so that you can have a complementary silhouette to your event. Having a fitted shirt will help your beard, more refined, and polished.

The Color Of The Shirt

The color of your shirt is the most important part in helping your shirt look formal. Opt for neutral, monochromatic colors like, black casual shirts, or any other darker colors for it to appear more sophisticated and majestic.

No Patterns

Forgo any patterns or graphic designs, and try to wear solid colored shirts, as they appear more professional and serious. Having a pattern shirt Can make you appear less formal and serious about the event. 

The Way You Wear The Shirt

Try to tuck your shirt, completely close all buttons, and iron your shirt properly before wedding it. Make sure all your cuffs and buttons are closed, as they can help your shirt have a lot more structure and formation.

What To Pair With The Shirt

You can wear your casual shirt with neutral colored pants, or a decent jacket to help shield the casualty of the shirt with a formal approach.

The Fabric Of The Shirt

Try to wear a casual shirt that is made from premium fabrics, and has a bit more structure to it. If your casual shirt is crisp, it can help provide structure to your whole attire. You can opt for Chester Bernard casual shirts for their premium and crisp yet comfortable fabrics for both grace and casual chic. 

Elevate Your Formal Event With Chester Bernard Casual Shirts

With Chester Bernard, you can elevate any casual shirt and wear it for a formal event. The structural integrity, the color selection, and the expert craftsmanship of the casual shirts will help you appear more professional and formal at any event. Whether you are wearing black casual shirts with neutral colored pants or a blazer, you will be able to exude sophistication and grace.