Celebrities Who Rocked the Plain White Shirt Look on the Red Carpet

by Muneeb Khan on June 27, 2023

Men’s fashion is reaching new heights with time. People nowadays wish to look their best on both formal and informal occasions. They want to stand out in every event they visit. Hence people are always looking for something new or something special. Everyone wants to outsmart others. They search the shopping centers for unique wear. Peculiarity has become a new thing in fashion for youth these days. Designers come up with new prints, colours, and designs to make their customers look like the most elegant person in the room.

But is peculiarity enough to make someone stand out? Can peculiarity be enough to make someone look graceful?  Perhaps, not.  Quite contrary to popular belief it’s rather simplicity that catches the eye when it comes to men’s wear.  What people look for in shopping plazas might be hanging in their wardrobes all along. The white shirt that you bought ages ago for a job interview might be the answer to all your problems. Plain white shirts are a classic beauty that can be your go-to outfit for all your special occasions. From weddings to official dinners and job interviews, it is a perfect fit for all the events.

Even celebrities, who are considered the epitome of fashion and design, choose to go with a plain white shirt look for a star-studded red carpet.  Not just that, they even caught the attention of everyone at such glittering festivals. They were regarded as best dressed men at many of these events.  There have been several instances when a plain white shirt triumphed over all the exotic and glamorous outfits. Some of these celebrities who rocked their looks by simply adapting a white plain shirt for the big events of their life are listed down:

Andrew Garfield at the 2022 Emmys

Emmy Awards are considered the most prestigious television award shows in the United States of America. They are followed by people around the globe.  The wardrobe of celebrities at the glamorous event catches everyone’s attention. Andrew Garfield, the renowned actor in both television and cinema, attended the enchanting award show in a simple plain white shirt with a white coat and pants. This simple yet elegant look of the “tick-tick boom actor” gained a good amount of praise from both the public and critics.

Chris Brown at Grammy Awards 2013

Another renowned celebrity who chose to go for a graceful all-white dress over exotic and glittering clothes at Grammys was Chris Brown.  His sophisticated dress grabbed applause for the singer. The rapper turned, actor, definitely rocked the colour white at one of the finest music-celebrating award ceremonies.

Ryan Gosling at Golden Globe 2017

Golden Globe is one of the biggest stellar award shows in Hollywood. In 2017, the Golden Globe-nominated Ryan Gosling as the best actor in the Comedy or Musical Film category. He dressed for the occasion with a simple plain white shirt adorned with black pants, a white coat, and a black bow tie. He not only grabbed the award for his performance in the masterpiece movie La La Land but also stunned everyone with his sizzling appearance.

Timothee Chalamet at Oscar 2018

Hollywood’s’ fashion icon Timothee Chalamet, chose to go with a white outfit including a plain white shirt with a white pent coat and a bow tie for his 2018 Oscar appearance.  The Academy Awards are considered Hollywood’s most significant ceremony whereas Dune actor, Timothee Chalamet is looked at as one of the most influential trend-setters of the film industry. He must have seen something in white to go for it.  So maybe next time you want to have a plain white shirt for your big event.

Matthew McConaughey at the 2014 Oscars

Who is not familiar with the name Matthew McConaughey?  He is famous for his great performances on both television and cinema. What you may not know is that our favorite star picked a plain white shirt with a white coat and black bow tie to attend his first Oscar nomination in 2014. The star actor not just won the award but also set the red carpet on fire with his dashing looks.

Justin Timberlake at Grammys 2013

Justin Timberlake is one of the most renowned names in the music industry. While attending the 2013 Grammy Awards, Justin Timberlake rocked his looks by embellishing a plain white shirt with a black pent coat. The singer-turned-actor stunned everyone by choosing elegance over glamour.

Celebrities are surely considered fashion models in today’s world. Their sense of fashion is not just appreciated by the masses but followed as well. These celebrities created beautiful combinations with simple white shirts for glamorous events. If you felt inspired by their dressing style, then shop the plain white shirts  to give yourself a celebrity-like look for the coming wedding season.

Which celebrity’s looks you found the most breathtaking?