A Guide to Smart Casual Dress Code for Men

by Muneeb Khan on August 16, 2023

The world is changing rapidly. People are often confused about the way they should dress up. Nobody wants to be either overdressed or underdressed. People’s choice of a perfect wardrobe has gone through many variations. What was considered trendy and classy in the past is no longer acceptable in current times. Too formality in get-ups can be a big turn-off whereas highly casual dressing is also not appreciated. Smart casual dress code is getting popular among influencers and trendsetters. It is an advanced approach that provides a perfect blend of comfort and class in people’s clothing.  In other words, it permits the unique match of formal shirts online with cool jeans available in the market.

Understanding Smart Casual Dress-Up

What is a smart casual dress code? It might be causing little confusion in your mind if you are not originally familiar with the term. Stop worrying, we are here to explain it. It is a versatile way of getting yourselves ready. It allows the meet-up of grace and comfort through your wonderful attire.  Understand it by imagining this scenario. You are at the office and receive a message that your friend got a promotion and he’s taking the whole squad for a treat. You are excited but “Oh No!” you’ll have to go home, change and wear something more funky and relaxing for the casual dinner. That must be exhausting. Well, it won’t be anymore as smart casual wardrobe picks can save you from the entire struggle. This get-up allows a person to switch from the professional setting of the office to laid-back evening hangouts with friends within a few seconds. In simple words, to dress up smart causally you can pair up a t-shirt with a blazer and tailored trousers. Such a dressing option allows you to be the best-dressed person on several occasions simultaneously.

How to Dress Up Smart Casually?

Now that you have understood the concept behind this unique way of presenting oneself, you might be wondering how to adorn a dress shirt for men with something casual that can make you feel at ease. Here you should be aware of the fact that even though smart casual wardrobes are the right combination of sophistication and convenience yet they can turn wrong if not handled carefully.  From color to design there should be uniformity in what’s being picked. Some people make the mistake of wearing a white formal shirt (https://chesterbernard.com/collections/whites/products/pure-oxford-white-shirt) with bright color jeans and hence lose the meaning behind smart casual get-ups. It does give you freedom of dressing up as per your choice but it does demand the wearer to match stuff up smartly.

Difference Between Smart Casual and Casual

They might look similar in more than one way to you but the vibe they produce and the aroma they create are different. While casual get-ups make a person look laid-back, carefree, and informal, smart casual portrays the total opposite personality of the wearer. They make an individual look smart, professional, and elegant while not making a compromise on their comfort and ease. Indeed this advanced clothing option is a smart way of styling oneself. A casual dress code typically comprises jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers. Whereas a smart casual outfit of yours would be based upon the best casual shirts for men aligned with a pair of wonderfully tailored trousers and a dress coat. The T-shirt would make you feel comfortable while paired-up bottoms and a blazer would provide a professional appearance. This creative way of dressing up would never fail to serve you. Pick the right articles from your wardrobe and give yourselves a brand new get over.

Few Tips from Chester Bernard

While you are ready to adapt to this trend of clothing, Chester Bernard has a few tips for you that might help you to level up your fashion style:

  1. If you feel like something would go well then trust your instinct and go with it. On the hand if you have a constant feeling about something being wrong with your wardrobe. Do not take risks and wear what suits you better.
  2. Always iron your formal office shirt  properly. A wrinkled shirt or trousers can be a big turn-off for people around you. Moreover, a well-ironed casual get can make you look more professional and graceful.
  3. Add little accessories to your wardrobe to look more thorough and detail-oriented. A hat or cool sunglasses might be the right choice with a formal get-up. Similarly, a watch or pocket square can enhance the sophistication of a casual shirt with Trousers.
  4. Never ignore your shoes. Pick them up smartly. They are the first thing most people notice. Hence wear clean shoes with the right color that go well with your outfit.
  5. You can always make your wardrobe more personal by adding customized shirts to it. Shirts with smart doodles and quotes can be a good way of non-verbal communication with others.