Navy Blue Formal Shirt with Red & Green Diagonal Stripes GNCPnblue

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Elevate your formal ensemble with our Navy Blue Formal Shirt, accented with striking red and green diagonal stripes. A perfect blend of classic tailoring and contemporary design, this shirt is bound to make an impression whether you're in the boardroom or at a refined event.

Our shirt is meticulously crafted in premium quality material and features an elegant 3-inch cutaway collar that perfectly complements the diagonal stripes. Prioritizing both form and function, the shirt also includes two back pleats for added comfort and fit, coupled with full sleeves that resonate with timeless elegance. Each stitch, at an impressive 22 stitches per inch, speaks of the unparalleled craftsmanship involved. The shirt is buttoned up with mother of pearl compressed buttons, reinforcing the luxury quotient, while the single needle stitching throughout guarantees its durability and superior finish.

Pair the Navy Blue Formal Shirt with a tailored charcoal or black suit to let the diagonal stripes pop. Complete the look with a sleek tie in either red or green and polished leather shoes for a seamless blend of classic and contemporary.