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Midnight Black Formal Shirt BCP OL-157

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In the grand theatre of menswear, Chester Bernard delivers performances that echo with elegance and mastery. Our latest act, the Black Formal Shirt from our trademark Sports Collection, is a unique blend of formal aesthetics with a playful sports touch. When you peruse our collection of formal shirts in Pakistan, you discover not just garments, but tales of dedication, creativity, and distinction.

The narrative of this shirt is born from an innovative vision: to bring a hint of casual vitality to the formal sartorial scene. Our seasoned designers, the architects of fabric fantasies, rose to the challenge. The result is a fusion of classic formality with a contemporary edge, particularly appealing to the vibrant young adults who frequent professional settings with an aura of dynamic energy.

This shirt, woven from 100% cotton poplin, narrates a tale of comfort and sophistication. The cotton poplin, known for its smooth texture and lightweight feel, complements the youthful energy of the wearer while maintaining a polished appearance, making it a staple in the wardrobe of those seeking the best men's shirts brand.

Chester Bernard's signature single needle stitching, delivering an exquisite 22 stitches per inch, underpins the narrative of skilled craftsmanship. This intricate process ensures durability, a refined finish, and the distinct quality Chester Bernard is renowned for.

The plot thickens with the inclusion of nuanced features: a classic 2.5-inch white collar, the precision of two back pleats, and sophisticated single cuffs. The narrative gains color with the addition of a pair of white and red diagonal stripes below the first button, a playful nod to the sports theme. Reinforced mother of pearl buttons complete the tale, adding an elegant finishing touch.

The Black Formal Shirt from our Sports Collection is a unique addition to your repertoire, perfect for formal yet spirited settings. As the preferred choice for online shirts in Pakistan, we invite you to experience Chester Bernard's tale of style, innovation, and legacy. Each shirt is more than a garment; it's a chapter in our grand narrative, waiting to be worn and told.