Men's Slate Grey Self-Jacquard Casual Shirt  97/06
Men's Slate Grey Self-Jacquard Casual Shirt  97/06
Men's Slate Grey Self-Jacquard Casual Shirt  97/06
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Men's Slate Grey Self-Jacquard Casual Shirt 97/06

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Discover the intricate elegance of the Men's Slate Grey Casual Shirt, a masterpiece in self-jacquard fabric. Crafted with 100% cotton, it exudes a subtle pattern, visible to the discerning eye, elevated by a contemporary 3-inch cut away collar. Its design brilliance is highlighted by two precisely stitched back pleats, luminous reinforced mother of pearl compressed buttons, and a meticulous single needle stitching throughout, emphasizing its unparalleled craftsmanship.

The origin of this shirt lies in the mesmerizing slate quarries, where every stone tells a tale of age, elegance, and nature's artwork. Just as slate has layers that reveal stories of eons gone by, this shirt, with its self-jacquard weave, tells its own tale. The design team, inspired by the timeless slate, envisioned a shirt that captures its ageless beauty and intricate patterns.

Perfect for those laid-back business luncheons or a sophisticated evening at an art gallery, its slate grey hue complements the artistic weave, evoking an aura of understated luxury. When paired with a dark chino or tailored trouser, it seamlessly bridges the gap between casual elegance and formal flair, making you the embodiment of modern sophistication.