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Classic Pure Poplin White Formal Shirt PW OL-158

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In the realm of men's fashion, the Classic Pure Poplin White Formal Shirt by Chester Bernard emerges as a beacon of timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. It's not just a piece of clothing, but a testament to the tireless devotion to quality and design that sets Chester Bernard apart in the domain of formal shirts in Pakistan.

This shirt's story is rooted in the foundational ethos of Chester Bernard: an unwavering commitment to classic sophistication. Our skilled designers, akin to skilled weavers of fabric folklore, took this ethos to heart. The result is an embodiment of everlasting style, a white formal shirt that speaks volumes with its pristine simplicity and classic appeal.

Crafted with royal Oxford 100% cotton, this shirt radiates an unmatched aura of comfort and sophistication. The selection of this fabric narrates a tale of discerning taste, balancing texture and breathability to perfection, truly making us the best men's shirts brand.

Our meticulous attention to detail shines in the single needle stitching, achieving an impressive 22 stitches per inch. This rigorous process is a testament to our dedication to durability and a refined aesthetic that has become the hallmark of Chester Bernard.

The story progresses into its finer details. A classic 3-inch collar frames the face, while two back pleats provide an excellent fit. The elegant single cuffs, complemented by reinforced mother of pearl buttons, add the final touch of grace to this exceptional garment.

Our Classic Pure Poplin White Formal Shirt is the ultimate choice for various occasions, be it a wedding, an engagement, or an important day at the office. We invite you to experience the world of online shirts in Pakistan with Chester Bernard. Each shirt is not merely a product; it's a woven narrative of our brand's heritage, echoing with commitment, skill, and sophistication. Step into our world and become part of the Chester Bernard legacy.