Aqua Marine Leaf Blue Casual Shirt OL-112

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The Aqua Marine Leaf Blue Shirt from Chester Bernard is a symphony of color and style. This shirt boasts a vibrant aqua marine hue, adorned with a delicate leaf pattern in a deeper shade of blue. The fabric is chosen for its exceptional softness and breathability, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Precision tailoring ensures a fit that is both flattering and comfortable, embodying the elegance that Chester Bernard is renowned for.

Envisioned on the scenic shores of the Arabian Sea, the Aqua Marine Leaf Blue Shirt captures the essence of Karachi's coastal beauty. Designers at Chester Bernard were inspired by the interplay of the sea's vivid colors and the intricate patterns of marine foliage. This shirt is a tribute to the natural beauty of Pakistan's coastal regions, designed to bring a piece of that serene environment into the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Perfect for spring and summer business casual events, this shirt shines in settings that allow for a more relaxed, yet polished dress code. It's particularly suitable for outdoor corporate events, casual networking sessions, and creative industry gatherings. The Aqua Marine Leaf Blue Shirt is designed to be a versatile piece, ideal for professionals who want to add a pop of color and unique style to their wardrobe.