Which Patterns Are Essential For Formal Shirts?

by Muneeb Khan on January 19, 2024

As people try to find the best formal shirts online, they will have to consider the wide variety of patterns available. But it is essential to understand that not all patterns should be bought, and there are certain patterns that should be preferred. This article is an in-depth guide into the mini patterns available, and which of these patterns are essential for formal shirts.

Why Following Patterns for Formal Shirts?

There is no rule saying that formal shirts have to have patterns, but it is a great choice to invest in. Patterns are a great way of showing personal preference, and style and expressing emotions. They are also capable of enhancing the body shape and bringing out the best features. This makes patterned formal shirts a great option for anyone who wishes to get their money's worth. From patterns like simple checks to complex herringbone, certain patterns will work for different individuals.

Essential Patterns For Formal Shirts

When it comes to formal shirts, certain patterns should be preferred, and the wearer should opt for these patterns for their grace and charm. The essential patterns for formal shirts are:

A Foolproof pattern has to be plaid. It is a checkered-like pattern with horizontal and vertical lines that intersect each other. It is a stylish, simple, and colorful option that has been preferred by gentlemen for a long time, and it is capable of working for almost all formal shirt styles.

Vertical Stripes
A rather common yet unique pattern has to be striped. They are long lines that go throughout the length of the shirt and are a great way of elongating the body. They are capable of showcasing the body in a slimmer light and are the perfect option for people who wish to appear thinner.

A staple for every wardrobe is dotted patterned foreman shirts. The shirts typically feature a background color, with different colored dots on top. It is a simple yet fun pattern that is available for men so that they can elevate their formal fashion fully.

Another popular pattern for men's formal shirts is checkered shirts. Unlike plaid, the shirt features only two colored lines, intersecting each other. They go along the whole length of the shirt and are a smooth and simple pattern, which is essential in every man's wardrobe.

Horizontal Stripes
This is a pattern similar to vertical stripes, with the only difference being its orientation. Unlike vertical stripes, in horizontal stripes, the stripes go horizontally from side to side. Horizontal stripes create a great illusion of making the wearer appear thin and slim. mostly the stripes are in a different color than the background of the shirt.

Solid Colored Formal Shirts

As we talk about the different essential patterns, we cannot forget the charm of a solid-colored formal shirt. A solid, black, or light blue colored formal shirt is a great canvas for further layering and styling. Choosing the right kind of pattern or color can help you greatly in achieving a near-perfect look and appearing more confident when it comes to formal settings. 

Try to look closely at the stitching, fabric, and craftsmanship of the formal shirt that you wish to buy before investing in it. Chester Bernard provides high-quality formal shirts in a myriad of patterns to cater to the audience. These shirts are available in a variety of colors, and patterns with high-quality stitching, premium fabrics, and detailed craftsmanship.