What Makes Tuxedo Shirts Better?

by Muneeb Khan on January 26, 2024

With the rise in popularity of tuxedo shirts, the tuxedo shirt price in Pakistan has been at an all-time high. However, to individuals who understand formal fashion, tuxedo shirts are an integral part of every shirts collection. Individuals trying to buy a tuxedo shirt need to understand the features that make these shirts different and better. This article is a compilation of the reasons that make tuxedo formal shirts for men the correct addition to every wardrobe. 

How Are Tuxedo Shirts Different From Normal Shirts?

There are a few features that help tuxedo shirts stand apart from the crowd of the other normal shirts. Tuxedo shirts are generally made to be worn with a complete tuxedo, which is a formal suit for black tie events. 

Bib Front:
Tuxedo shirts are made with a bib-like front, which is a fabric panel on the front of the shirt that covers the buttons and goes down the rest of the shirt. This front panel is usually made with a different fabric like silk.

French Cuffs
Unlike most dress shirts, which have a barrel cuff, tuxedo shirts come with a French cuff. These cops are usually folded back and held using a cufflink. This procures, or more, elegant and charming appearance for the shirt.

Wing Collar
Most tuxedo shirts have a unique type of color, which is a wing collar. This caller stands up and points outward like a wing. It is made specifically to be worn with bow ties, which are quite thick.

No Chest Pocket
To not disrupt the bib front and the overall aesthetic of the shirt, there is no chest pocket on the front. This feature has been in use for as long as tuxedo shirts have been made. 

What Makes Tuxedo Shirts Better?

After we have discussed the features unique to tuxedo shirts, let us consider the features that make tuxedo shirts better than normal formal shirts. Tuxedo shirts are usually made with high quality fabrics like silk or gotten, providing a very luxurious feel to the whole outfit. With the unique color styles, and the very refined goth style, the tuxedo shirts have a great flair to them. The tuxedo shirts are commonly available in monochromatic colors black or white shirts, it is essential to understand that these colors can be paired with almost any color. 

Being intended for more formal occasions, tuxedo shirts are the perfect choice for having a polished and elegant look. To enhance sophistication, tuxedo shirts feature studs and pleats, they can be quite charming. Most tuxedo shirts come with hidden buttons, to make the shirt a bit more smooth and well balanced. Considering the fact that tuxedo shirts are made for formal occasions, they are commonly stitched in perfect fitting to the weather, to showcase a more slimmer fit and a stylish silhouette. These are just some of the discerning features that make tuxedo shirts better than online shirts for men and the most apparent option for formal clothing. 

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