Ways to Style Some Elegant Yet Fancy Dress Shirts for Men

by Muneeb Khan on September 08, 2023

Men need to dress up properly for their workplace. There are a range of clothing options available for men. From casual T-shirts to colorful semi formal shirts available in the market. They cannot wear jeans and casual shirts to an important meeting. It is not only against the dress code but also portrays an immensely negative impression on people around them at work. Being at your work means giving your 100%. It becomes easy for people to perform well when they look elegant and smart. Being the best-dressed person demands putting some effort into your appearance. This can only be achieved when your wardrobe is filled with a large collection of dress shirts. A wide range of formal shirts available in the market can help you dress up elegantly.

  1. Tuxedo Shirts

A  tuxedo shirt  might seem too fancy for a day at work. But if worn with the right bottom and accessories one can pull off a tuxedo shirt appropriately. Moreover color and fabric of tuxedo shirts also play an important role in styling them. White is considered the best color for such shirts. These white shirts for men provide people with an elegant appearance. When adorned with black or blue tuxedo these shirts make a person appear ready for an important formal dinner with colleagues. Cuff links can add a touch of grace and class. You may want to go with a tie or bow tie with these shirts. By wearing these tuxedo shirts you can simply be the best dressed person in a room. You can buy a tuxedo shirt at reasonable rates from Chester Bernard . This shirt would be the best investment you can make on your clothing and it will definitely help you to master your look in a gathering.

  1. Oxford Dress Shirt

The next shirt that you might want to wear fashionably to your office is an Oxford shirt in white. Oxford shirts are a unique combination of style and splendor. They provide a person with the option of dressing up in a classic yet elegant way. One way of rocking a white or black oxford shirt is matching it with dress pants and blazer. You can wear these shirts without a tie giving yourself a little laid-back appearance. By putting these shirts on you can appear professional while not being overdressed for an ordinary day at work. They are a suitable item for the workplace environment because of their soft and comfortable fabric. Moreover, these office shirts for men available at Chester Bernard are prone to wrinkles. Thus providing you with a sophisticated complete work look. Our Oxford shirts are highly durable and thus can serve you for a long time. No matter how many times you wear them, they always look fresh and new. An Oxford shirt is a wardrobe staple. Buy it now to complete your wardrobe. 

  1. Button-Down Shirt

The classic button-down shirt is the dressing item everyone is familiar with. From an office worker to the executive of a multinational company it is part of every individual’s wardrobe in Pakistan. These shirts are considered timeless beauty in the world of men’s fashion. They have been worn by men in Pakistan for decades. They offer a perfect blend of smartness and comfort. They are still considered the right choice for formal occasions like office meetings and job interviews if paired with dress pants and a coat. An addition of pocket squares can further lighten up your wardrobe. You can add an extra touch of professionalism to your attire by wearing a watch or sunglasses. Lastly, a well-chosen tie can complete your look perfectly. At Chester Bernard, you can find a large collection of button-down shirts at the most reasonable rates. Buy now to look your best. 

  1. Slim-Fit Dress Shirt 

Another item to dress yourself with for formal occasions is the highly elegant slim-fit dress shirt. These shirts are in particular for those individuals who have slender body shapes. At Chester Bernard, you can find a wide collection of slim-fit shirts to match your body type perfectly. These shirts can hug bodies without making it uncomfortable for the wearer. These shirts can produce a contemporary, stylish and elegant look for men. You can wear these shirts to your workplace to make a good impression on your colleagues and management. So buy this shirt now as per your body measurements from Chester Bernard and tuck it in your pants for a refined look this summer. 

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