Types Of Work Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

by Muneeb Khan on August 22, 2023

Work and professional life demands challenges. Business and the corporate world can be competitive. It is highly important for freshers to give their 100% to make themselves a name. When it comes to building a work persona, it is important to be good at what you do. Other factors can aid your progress and success. One of them is the way you dress up and carry yourselves. A person who knows how to present himself and invests in his physical appearance is trusted more than the rest of the crowd. It is also said that people tend to perform better when they look better. Thus brace yourself for making some changes to your wardrobe to make an impression on your colleagues and management.

Well, let’s start with busting the myth that having a single kind of uniform like formal shirts for men can help you build a professional impression. That is so not true. To display the charisma of your personality you have to buy different kinds of attire to show various sides of your nature. Here is the list of shirts that need to be part of your dressing room to master your work look.

  1. Solid dress shirt

Let’s start our list with the wardrobe staple solid dress shirts. Though dress shirts of any color suit well in the work environment white shirts for men have a grace of their own. It can make a person look highly elegant and attention-grabbing. These shirts allow you to look professional without making too much effort. Other than plain white shirts you can also invest in blue or gray.  

  1. Button-down shirts

Next in line is a highly, cool and attention-grabbing button-down shirt . If you do not have these highly aesthetic work shirts then buy them now to look the most professional person at all your meetings. These shirts have the ability to communicate on your behalf. It gives your co-worker a message that you mean business and work. You can buy these shirts in graceful colors to dress up for your workplace. By pairing them with dress pants and a blazer you can complete your look attractively. Buy these shirts now at the best rates from Chester Bernard.

  1. Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts are another option that allows you to dress up elegantly for work. These attractive shirts offer you to try different colors within the same print. Printed casual shirts are too funky to be worn at the office but that does not mean you have to wear monotonous shirts for work.  You can buy your favorite color combination through plaid shirts.  These shirts are a good way to be smart casual in your attire. So buy them now if you do not already own these shirts.

  1. Short sleeve shirts

Summers can be pretty hot in Pakistan. In scorching heat, it becomes highly inconvenient to dress up for the office. Well, shorts sleeves shirts are here to rescue you. They provide people with enough breathability while not making a compromise on their professional appearance. These shirts are available in many varieties. They can be an exciting option for office shirts for men in Pakistan. While most people wear them in casual environments only, believe us they are a good choice to go for formal places as well when paired with elegant trousers.

  1. Polo shirts

Polo shirts are a highly attractive and aesthetic way of looking elegant and professional. They not only offer the wearer sophistication but also have the ability to make them look stylish and smart.  These polo shirts are an even better choice if your work keeps you outdoors for most of the day. If you never thought of wearing a polo shirt to your office, be bold and buy them now to level up your fashion game.

  1. Contrast collar shirts

The next dressing option for work can be contrast collar shirts. These shirts as the name already indicates are the ones that have their collar made in a contrasting color. While they might not sound too formal for you but trust us there are times you have to look unique to catch everyone’s attention. Contrast collar shirts allow you to be a little bold and a lot more fashionable. Stop worrying and get the best-designed contrast collar shirt from Chester Bernard.  Contrast collar shirt  will surely be a stylish office shirt for men.

  1. Striped shirt

Lastly, we have the most frequently used striped shirts. They are the most trusted shirts by men when it comes to work and formal office. A striped shirt can simultaneously present a cool and graceful image of a person wearing it. At Chester Bernard, you can find a wide variety of striped shirts at the most reasonable prices. Shop them now!!