Tips On How To Choose A Formal Shirt For Your Work Environment

by Muneeb Khan on March 31, 2023

Working about five to six days a week, the male population spends most of their time at their workplace. It gets tiresome to work endlessly throughout the week with little reprieve from the workload. However, looking your best and dressing according to the environment or the job type can’t be neglected.

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Here we will guide you through on how to select your professional attire at work and look sharp all day at your office. Here are some of the Dos and DONTs of the formal workplace dress code.

Professional Dress Code for A Formal and Semiformal Workplace

Let’s explore the vast realm of possibilities when it comes to dressing yourself up in a way that’s professional and makes you distinctive and attracts attention while working at your workplace.

Dress Code for a Formal Workplace

If you work for a bank, any MNC or an accounting or financing firm that has a conservative environment then you must adorn yourselves in a sophisticated manner. The must-haves for such a setting are a business suit or a blazer that goes with the formal shirt and your dress pants. Accessorize yourself with a tie, simple buckled belt and/or cufflinks that complete your entire look. Put on a pair of sleek and shiny pair of shoes and you are good to go.

Now let’s talk about how to choose a formal shirt for men that suits your formal white-collared office environment. There is a vast array of prints and designs that you could opt for, such as thinner pinstripes or hairline pinstripes or other crisp and precise patterns, but you should not go for large patterns or broad Bengal stripes. Selecting a regular fit or a slim fit is more of your style.

Once you have chosen the print and the fit you prefer, you should choose the colour that melds well rather than stands out. Office environment calls for lighter hues such as powdery blues, crisp whites or slate greys that will compliment your workplace. Full-sleeved shirts with double cuffs or single cuffs go well in a formal setup.

Last, but not least go for a fabric that goes with the current weather. Lighter shirts will help you breathe easily in summer. In an indoor air-conditioned office environment like brokerage houses or banks, you can select a formal shirt for men in a crisper and thinner fabric and one with more sheen as there is less dirt and one can skip regular washing of the shirts.

Once you have selected your formal shirt, you should know how to pair it up with a tie. The print of the shirt must not clash with the pattern of your tie. The patterns on your shirt and tie must be different and as your shirt will be in a light shade, you may go for a darker-hued tie. The best and most common practice is to select a plain shirt with a printed tie.

Dress Code for a Semi-Formal Workplace

If you work in a creative industry such as advertising, marketing or in the social media industry, such a workplace gives you a little bit of leeway in how you dress up. You have a wider variety of branded formal shirts for men at Chester Bernard to pick out from. At semi-formal workplaces, you have more freedom and flexibility to go for a formal shirt that has broader pinstripes or fancy pinstripes in little bolder shades. The different toned inlays look cooler and out-of-the-box and will go with your work setup too.

Blazers or suits go well for a semi-formal work setting too but you will have more scope for louder tones and hues, broader prints and patterns for a formal shirt and tie. In a creative work environment, an informal office shirt can be chosen as well plus wearing a tie is not compulsory. Even if someone is opting for a tie they can be louder in prints and tones.

For persons working in the outdoor environment, shirts in fabric with a little texture and guff are more appropriate. As they need to hard-wash their shirts on regular basis.

The Key to Dressing Yourself

The most important aspect to style-up yourself is that you should dress yourself according to the environment. You shouldn’t dress up or dress down. Make sure you know what your workplace dress code is and dress accordingly. This will make you look proper and professional.

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