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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Shirt For A Formal Event

by Muneeb Khan on March 21, 2023

Gone are the days when men had bare minimum options, lesser cuts and designs, and just a few colours to choose from for a formal celebration. Picking out an outfit then was rather simpler but quite boring as well.

Luckily, we belong to the era where men can be as choosy and particular about how they should dress, what’s in and what’s not matters a lot. Many innovative and exceptional trends have emerged that help men look smart, and elegant and make them stand out amongst others if they know what they are doing.

Drape Yourself With Confidence And Style

Chester Bernard is here to help you guide through your shopping experience with suggestions regarding what to adorn yourselves with and how. We will talk about the designs, hues, fittings and styling which will help you find your perfect formal shirt in Pakistan for a formal evening be it a wedding or any other celebration. In short, Chester Bernard is here to help you find dress shirts in Pakistan and drape yourself with confidence, style and poise.

A Walk Through The Dos And Donts Of Choosing A Formal Shirt

Now let’s say that a formal celebration is coming up and you are on the lookout for dress shirts for men that will highlight you among all and help you build up your personality in a classic and modern way.

Firstly, make sure what type of celebration it is and whether the occasion you are attending is a day or an evening event. Now you may think that it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, but it surely does. The time of the event will help you out in determining the shade of your shirt. A day event calls for lighter tones that go with your surroundings. If the event is being held in the evening, you can certainly opt for darker or sharper hues that will enable you to look incomparable to others, yet they should be chosen in a way that should complement the festivities you are attending.

The next main thing you should know about before buying formal shirts in Pakistan is that in the event you are going to have a black-tie dress code or not. The branded formal shirt you have chosen must be paired up with a tie that completes your image and accentuates your physical appearance.

For instance, if you are wearing a crisp white shirt, you can match it up with a black-tie ensemble. Secondly, make sure your collar length is enough to accommodate your tie. A classic collar calls for a classic tie! If you have decided to wear a jacket or a suit to your formal event, you should create layers that will enhance your persona. Layering yourself up means, if you are wearing a black jacket or a suit, you can go for mother of pearl white or powdery pink shirt that can be crowned with a tie in a darker tone. Doing so will make you prominent and attractive and build a sharper image.

Last but not the least, if you are going to this event with your spouse, you can choose the shade of your shirt with the dress she is wearing. The tone of your shirt must be lighter than that of your spouse so that you both complement each other rather than diminishing one another’s presence.

Finally, make sure the formal shirt you pick out should flatter your skin tone otherwise the whole process of selecting that perfect shirt goes downhill. The shirt should uplift your complexion and make you look flawless and handsome.

Finely Cut And Supremely Stitched At Chester Bernard

Chester Bernard has brought to you finely cut and tailored shirts in plenty of shades and hues that go with any occasion that calls for dressing up and appearing your best. From the high-quality collar, split yoke and collar stays formal dress shirts for men are the epitome of perfection. Premium fabric, buttons and neatly finished buttonholes give a superior-quality finish to the shirt. Plus, mother-of-pearl buttons top up the whole look which inspires everyone who beholds and wears our branded formal shirts and looks top-notch.

Chester Bernard At Its Peak

Being the ultimate brand of formal shirts for men, you can drop by our outlet at any time and shop to your heart’s content. Our staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. If you are busy and can’t get out of your hectic routine, why not shop online and find the formal shirts in Pakistan that are just right for you!!