The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Formal Shirt in Pakistan

by Muneeb Khan on June 14, 2023

In contemporary times an individual cannot fit into society without keeping up with the pace of growing fashion. Those who lack behind in following the latest ideas feel like outsiders. Avoiding it can only be possible through adapting to new and trendy ideas. Our clothing and dressing sense create an image of ours in the mind of others.

Even if we are not acquainted with a person, we communicate nonverbally with them through our physical appearance. The colour of the shirt, design of the trousers, and style of our clothing sends a message to the person with whom we are having an interaction for the first time. Collared shirts, neckline sweaters, simple T-shirts and formal dress shirts depict a range of meanings and themes.

Men’s Fashion: A Contemporary Demand 

Nowadays men need to pay a lot of attention to their style. Society demands them to develop a prevailing taste. A large proportion of a man’s personality is hidden in the way he dresses. The right attire can polish an individual’s persona and help in better career opportunities too.

There are several ways in which a man can dress himself up for a formal or an informal event. Each dress code portrays a person’s nature or character uniquely and distinctively. Different kinds of clothing items carry a special meaning behind them. What might appear as a piece of cloth is the arbiter of a person’s taste and class.

A Guide To Attaining Pure Class

Men’s clothing and trends have witnessed rapid growth in the 21st century. While the myth circulates about Men’s dressing being simpler and ordinary, the reality is quite opposite to it. Even a formal shirt in Pakistan includes a large number of complexities and intricacies. Depending upon the event you are attending there are a variety of options for a formal men’s shirt. No matter how simple you might think picking up a formal white shirt is. It is nothing less than a work of art. 

Chester Bernard, the ultimate men’s clothing solution is providing you an expert’s guide to picking the best formal shirts in Pakistan with a perfect fit, because it has the best online store for men’s formal shirts with a vast range of options. Getting a striped shirt  for your next official meeting at work, or looking for a check shirt ,options at Chester Bernard are limitless. All you need is to use your creativity to formulate a perfect picture.   

Below is a detailed guide that can help an individual striving to sort his wardrobe out.

Elements of a Perfectly Fit Shirt

A dress suits the best when it is meant for a specific person. So never compromise on the fittings of your shirt. For a perfect fit you can easily rely on Chester Bernard. We have a large collection of online shirts for men with a wide range of sizes so you can choose the one made perfectly for you. 

Picking the right collar:

The collars of formal shirts come in different forms. These include spread, straight point, club, tab and pinned. Straight-point collars complement most face types. Whereas Spread Collars serve the round shape faces the best. For long neck men tab collars can be the right choice. Pinned collars can make your garment look even more professional.

Get yourself a white collar formal wear shirt and attain the ultimate sophistication and grace. 

Fabric choice:

The few important type of fabric for formal shirts in Pakistan is cotton, linen and even silk. Cotton is the fabric that can make you stand out in the professional environment. They are soft and can assist you in working comfortably. The ability of cotton to hold dye better makes it durable.

Cuffs style:

Cuffs are considered the essence of formal dress. They give shirts the necessary professional look. Even for formal wear, you can select from a wide variety of cuff options available. But the two main categories of cuffs are French and barrel cuffs. 

French cuffs provide additional sophistication to the dark-colored shirts and look extremely appealing to the eyes. These can be tied with either a button or cufflink. The barrel cuff is a versatile option that goes with both formal and casual shirts. They add subtle grace to the overall persona of an individual. 

Colour selection

The colour of a shirt plays the most important role in your overall styling. When trying to figure out your wardrobe for a formal occasion you do not wish to go with something too bright. It can make you look like an outsider. The whites are always the safest options. Keeping people’s concerns in mind Chester Bernard has a separate collection of white shirts for men

The right combination of a suitable colour, fit size and right collars for your features can complete your look for a formal occasion. So the next time you are invited for an official dinner at work, grab one of the online shirts for men by Chester Bernard and build a lasting impression.