The Power of the Classic White Shirt: Versatile and Timeless

by Muneeb Khan on June 09, 2023

Fashion has been a driving force behind people's dressing for a very long period. Fashion and dressing sense has been part of society since ancient times. Even centuries ago when the fashion industry was a new concept to the world, people desired to look their best. Physical appearance is highly dependent upon dressing sense. The right attire can not only make you look pretty but also provides you with a sufficient amount of confidence. Being the best-dressed person in a room gives you an edge over your peers. 

People urge to dominate in their circle when it comes to their dressing on almost every occasion. These occasions can range from weddings, engagements, professional dinners and even job interviews. To achieve that goal they go to extreme lengths. They search every designer outlet to find something unique, something vibrant or simply something that nobody ever wore before. They search for something brand new. It can be a new design or a special colour. But is it just the uniqueness of colour that makes your outfit stand out? Perhaps not. You might be surprised to find out that a colour that has been worn for centuries still holds enough power to grasp the attention of the entire crowd. You guessed it right! It's plain white !!

White is a classic colour that can never go out of fashion. Its beauty lies in the fact that it suits both formal and informal events equally. The colour has had the privilege to act as the trademark of fashion for centuries. The colour has a rich history rooted deep in the tradition of the Victorian era.

White dresses have been symbols of wealth, status, and royalty. There was some peculiarity to the colour white that the founding father of the great IBM demanded from his workers to wear white shirts. Throughout history, the colour white made its way as an epitome of both class and pop culture. This single piece of attire has been representative of fashion, professionalism and power.

Power Of White Shirt For Men

Though it's just a simple outfit yet it possesses enough power to transform the persona of its wearer. This white shirt can enhance and mount the body while taking the back seat in the overall physical appearance of the individual. It is not a coincidence that the walls behind the art gallery happen to be in colour white. It is done deliberately in an attempt to enhance the beauty of art pieces. The same way white can enhance the beauty of the person who wears it. 

Communicate With the Colour

Like all other colours white also carries some meaning to it. The white colour is associated with completion, balance and wholeness. White also describes equality, innocence and purity. All these attributes made white colour for demonstration of several political campaigns with strong context associated with them. By wearing a pure white shirt ( you can also communicate a language of pure sophistication and elegance. 

Globally Recognized Masterpiece

A white shirt is not restricted to geographical areas. In fact, your white shirt would be able to suit you in all the countries. While some colours might not be appreciated in certain cultures. White is the only exception that is acceptable in all the regions in the world. If you wish to travel a lot all you need is to fill your wardrobe with a good number of plain white shirts for men from the vast collection of Chester Bernard (homepage) and you are good to go!

One Shirt For All Your Occasions 

It's not just the rich history and association with fashion that makes a white shirt special. Instead, this one shirt can be enough for all your occasions. You're invited to the wedding reception of your beloved friend, iron your white shirt ( and you're ready to go. You finally got a call for a job interview for an ideal position, change into your white shirt, and the job would be yours. You have to attend your company’s official dinner just get yourself dressed in vintage white shirts for men

Ways To Style A White Shirt

There are plenty of ways you can dress up in a white shirt. For a casual lunch with friends, arrange a white linen shirt with a pair of blue jeans and get a comfortable wardrobe without compromising on your looks. A white dress shirt with a waist coat and pants can cover up your professional work look.    

A Must-Have of Every Wardrobe

So it is inferred that one item of clothing that you must own is a white shirt for men. It would be disappointing if this pure classic outfit is missing from your wardrobe. Here at Chester Bernard, you can find a large variety of white shirts for men stitched with extreme delicacy to make you stand out in a crowd.