The Most Trendy Formal Shirts Colors And Patterns In 2024

by Muneeb Khan on July 02, 2024

As the summer of 2024 comes on with its full glory, fashion trends continue to involve, and bring fresh changes to the world of formal wear. Formal shirts like white shirt for men are no exception, with constantly seeing changes in colors and patterns, which are capable of redefining both office and occasion attire for men. In this article, we will take a look at the most trendy, formal shirt, color and patterns for this summer. 

Soft Pastels

Pals are making a huge comeback in summer 2024, as they are a fresh start for formal shirts. Soft colors like pink, mint, green, and baby blue are particularly popular. According to a recent survey done by the Fashion Institute of Technology, 25% of respondents indicated their preference for personal colors, but this year over 35% of people indicated their preference for pastel colors in their summer wardrobe. This shows their increasing popularity.

Bold Blues

Blue color is still an extremely timeless choice, informal shirts, but this summer bold and vibrant sheets are taking preference. From royal blue to cobalt, these colors add a very striking touch to the formal outfit. A report done by The Global Fashion Report in 2024 shows that blue is the top choice for most people for formal shirts, with a whopping 42% of designers adding bold blue shades into collections. Its popularity shows us how versatile of a color it is and its dynamic in formal wear.

Earthy Tones

Are the colors like olive green, terra-cotta and mustard becoming increasingly popular in formal clothing.  They add a nature-inspired elegance to the workplace, which makes them perfect for the summer season. A study done by Color Marketing Group found that there is a 30% increase in the use of earthy tones in formal wear collections from the summer 2023 to summer 2024. This shift shows us that customers are attracted to sustainable and eco- friendly fashion.

Subtle Patterns

Try choosing extremely subtle patterns, like micro checks, fine strips, and small geometric patterns on a dark grey formal shirt, as they are getting famous this summer. These patterns are not only sophisticated, but do not overwhelm the overall look. The Formal Wear Trends Report of 2024 showed that there was a 28% rise in consumers who preferred suddenly patterned shirts, which showed us an increase in more nuanced designs.


Pinstripes are one of the most classic patterns that are constantly in style. This season, pinstripes are making a huge comeback with a moderate twist. They come with thinner lines and a lot more contemporary color combinations. According to a survey done by Mens Fashion Weekly 25% of respondents opted for pinstripes as they go to patterned for formal shirts. This shows us that pinstripes are one of the best options for people who want to upgrade their wardrobe easily.

Chester Bernard Formal Shirts

Chester Bernard shirts come in a huge variety of colors and patterns and are crafted with exceptional attention to detail as well as quality, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enhance their appearance in 2024 while choosing patterns and colors that are trending. Ladies take a look at some of the standard features that contribute to a more trendy appearance in Chester Bernard shirts: 

  • Fabric: Made from 2-ply fabric with a thread count of 120 to 140, providing a durable and structured feel.
  • Stitching: Clean, seamless stitching with 21 stitches per inch for enhanced durability and a polished appearance.
  • Collar: Constructed from 16 individual pieces of fabric, featuring removable stays to maintain shape.
  • Cuff: Double button, convertible barrel cuffs, fused to maintain their appearance, and measuring 3 inches.
  • Yoke: Crafted from two pieces of fabric rotated to create a unique pattern alignment, ensuring a better fit.
  • Buttons: High-density, compact buttons that replicate the mother of pearl, with reinforced buttonholes.
  • Inlays: Individual pieces of fabric stitched together and attached to the placket for a clean, structured look.