Stay Classy with Must-Have Formal Shirts Styles

by Muneeb Khan on June 14, 2023

A common perception to stay classy is to have a large wardrobe full of shirts with different styles and colors. To get these shirts you need a platform to select quality shirts for different occasions. When it comes to dressing sharp and leaving a lasting impression, a branded formal shirt is an absolute must to exhibit the ultimate style of a person. Chester Bernard provides a selection of formal shirts that are sophisticated and elegant due to a flawless craftsmanship and an immense attention to detail. Here we discuss a few things for your knowledge so you can select the best shirts for your collection and stay classy all the time.   

Classic White Shirt:

Let's begin with the timelessly elegant staple every man needs in his closet: the white dress shirt . Either formal or semi-formal occasion works for wearing this adaptable garment. White shirts by Chester Bernard come in various styles, each with distinctive details like subtle fabric patterns or juxtaposing buttons. One should pick a slim-fit or regular-fit shirt regardless of style and body type. Dress it in a tailored suit for a stylish and classy style, or pair it with trousers or denim for a smart-casual appearance.


Choose a formal striped shirt from Chester Bernard for a dash of refinement and understated flare. Without being overbearing, stripes provide a modest amount of visual appeal. Multi-stripes will quickly upgrade the entire look, whether you choose a traditional pinstripe or a more modern variety, like Bengal or candy stripes. Chester Bernard has various unique designs for striped shirts, such as double mini stripes , Bengal stripes, and classic stripes in Poplin . These shirts look great when worn with blazers or suits in solid colors, letting the stripes stand out. 


A subtle check shirt is a fantastic way to add some depth and texture to formal wear. A variety of check patterns are available from Chester Bernard, such as Blue Medium Checks in Poplin , Blue Micro Checks In JacquardClassic checks in Twill BChecksPB , and Fancy Checks With White edge FanChWE . These checked shirts look like a subtle air of refinement. The checks are often modest and understated, enabling you to keep an official vibe while yet adding a touch of personality. It looks classy and fashionable when paired with a navy suit and a solid-colored tie.


Browse a variety of woven formal shirts to give formal attire a little more visual dimension and appeal. To produce a tactile and eye-catching appearance, Chester Bernard provides a variety of weaves, including twill and herringbone, such as Lilac Big Checks in Twill LBChecksPB , Compressed Mini Herringbone MHB , and Ice Burg Pearl Twill IBTwill . Furthermore, Chester Bernard has a huge variety of jacquard-textured shirts  suited for a polished look for men. While yet keeping a refined and professional appearance, the textured shirts offer a subtle charm to your ensemble. For a more fashionable look, pair them with a suit in a single color or play around with complementing patterns.

The Double Cuff:

Try a formal shirt with twin cuffs for an elegant and sophisticated appearance. The double cuff is a sophisticated accent that gives every ensemble a touch of sophistication. Chester Bernard's Double cuff shirts  are expertly made with attention to detail and provide a variety of cufflink alternatives to suit individual preferences. Whether you choose a straightforward silver cufflink or a more ornate design, these shirts will draw attention.

A range of must-have formal shirt designs will help men seem polished and put together whether attending a business meeting or a formal function. Always put quality and fit first to seem classy when wearing formal clothes. Make an investment in high-quality, well-made shirts, and always choose to get the ideal fit. 

Purchasing essential formal shirts from Chester Bernard is an easy way to look sophisticated. There is something to suit every man's taste and style, from traditional white shirts to contemporary patterned alternatives. Buyers can locate and buy these shirts to update their clothing collection. 

These must-have shirts may be quickly found and bought with an easy option of mens shirts online shopping in Pakistan at Chester Bernard for a convenient experience. Customers can browse the many alternatives available with simple clicks and have their favorite clothes delivered directly to their doorstep. To achieve the ideal fit you just need to review the brand's sizing chart. So, feel free to peruse the possibilities and use Chester Bernard's astounding collection of formal shirts for men to add a touch of refinement to formal clothing.