Six Details to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Formal Shirt in Pakistan

by Muneeb Khan on January 03, 2024

If you are new in the world of business and corporate, this is exactly where you need to be.  Once you step into your professional life, the world's expectations of you take a 180-degree shift. You have to change the way you speak, the way you present yourself, the way you dress. Out of all of this what needs a thorough and deep understanding is your dress up. You cannot wear the same stuff that you used to go for in your college. You need to show the world that you are grown up now and that you are ready for all the responsibilities that come with it. You might want to buy a bunch of formal shirts for you to dress up in. but the problem here might be that there are dozens of online shirts for men available in the market. It might lead to confusion as to what shirt would be the right pick for you.

While buying a formal shirt different factors should be kept in mind. if these factors are not considered it might lead to a disaster. Following is the list of stuff that needs to be analyzed before buying a formal shirt:

1. Shirt size

The size of the shirt is of great significance for formal wear. Wearing a shirt too loose or too tight for you might not be a great way to present yourself or work. People at work want their employers to be perfect. A big portion of that perfection is reflected in our dress.  Hence the fittings of the crisp formal shirt should be as per your body size.

2. Sleeves

Make sure that your shirt’s sleeves are neither too long nor too small. When unbuttoned your sleeve length should reach the starting point of your thumb. If the sleeve length is appropriate only then would a formal shirt suit you properly. Before buying a shirt online make sure to read the measurements. At Chester Bernard, you will be able to find a large collection of attractive colors of formal shirts in Pakistan.

3. Pocket placement

Pocket placement is another aspect that needs to be handled carefully while manufacturing formal and semi-formal shirts in Pakistan.  The shirts that comprise more than one pocket are considered less formal and give the appearance of semi-formal shirts. A formal shirt usually comprises only one pocket. Buy great quality shirts from Chester Bernard at the best prices for our valuable customers.

4. Color

You would find a large collection of varying formal shirts available in the market. Here keep in mind that color plays an important role in formal shirts. All colors do not suit well in a formal environment. White formal shirts are often the first choice of professional working-class men in Pakistan. They suit the work environment perfectly.  A light blue or gray colored formal shirt is also very influential and portrays a sophisticated and graceful image.  Once the color has been decided make sure to check the print. While solid colors are the safe choice for formal shirts you do want to go for striped shirts too.

5. Fabric

Formal shirts can be found in a large number of fabrics. Each fabric serves a different purpose for a person. By understanding their function one may be able to choose the right fabric for their formal shirt. Cotton is usually preferred by people for everyday use as they are soft and offer a high level of comfort. It is breathable and is durable as well. Moreover cotton has the ability to hold dye well hence color looks more attractive on cotton. Another available option for formal shirts is polyester. It is not only inexpensive but also provides resistance to wrinkles and stains. These two brilliant features make polyester shirts a perfect choice for a work dress. Some people also like wearing silk shirts due to the extreme softness of the fabric. You should always pick the fabric that you are comfortable with so that your work will not be affected by it.  At Chester Bernard, we have a range of products from crisp white shirts to black semi-formal shirts. Check them all out now.

6. Collars

Lastly, collars are the essence of a formal shirt. It should be selected with great attention. There are a lot of collar variations in the shirts found in the market. The collar that you decide to pick shapes the formality of the shirt. Hence be very careful with it. V-shaped collars are mainly selected for formal shirts. You can decide on collars as per your face shape and comfort as well.

By keeping all these details in mind before buying formal shirts online you would be able to manage everything appropriately.