How To Style Formal Shirt For Eid?

by Muneeb Khan on June 28, 2024

Eid is an extremely significant celebration and religious holiday for people in Pakistan. It is a time filled with family, gatherings, prayers and celebrations and one of the most important things that one has to make sure of is looking your best for these occasions. Styling  branded formal shirts for men for this occasion can help you stand apart in the crowd of traditional attire, and help you appear more unique. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most practical tips that should be used in order to enhance one's wardrobe, and approach Eid  with a different appearance and confidence. 

Fabric Quality

Chester Bernard formal shirts are made from high-quality fabric and feature a thread count of 120 to 140. This thread count helps create a soft durable shirt that can be worn on hot summer days, and holds its shape beautifully. Choosing a shirt, it is best to choose neutral colors like white, light, blue, or pastel shades that can be paired with a white variety of outfits without fail. The high-quality fabric makes sure that the person wearing it stays comfortable throughout the day, no matter how hot or how busy it gets.

Impeccable Stitching

One of the unique yet praiseworthy features of our formal shirts, are their impeccable, stitching, and meticulous attention to detail. Our shirts feature 21 stitches per inch, which help create clean and smooth stitching all around the shirt. This helps our shirt become durable, strong, and appear polished at all times. A well stitched shirt is not only capable of appearing professional, but also also feels comfortable on the skin, and can be worn for a long period of time. For Eid, individuals can pair their shirt with tailored trousers to showcase simple yet humble craftsmanship. 

Distinctive Collar

The collar of Chester Bernard shirts are made from 16 individual pieces of fabric, have removable stays and come with guarantee to hold their shape even after being worn multiple times. These small features help the collar remain crisp and hold its structure throughout the day. Individuals who wish to appear more formal, can pair their shirt with a formal tie, in a dark color. For a more relaxed, or elegant appearance, it is best to remove the stays and open the top button of the shirt.

Elegant Cuffs

Our shirts feature a unique extremely useful feature of convertible double barrel cuffs, which are fused to maintain a formal appearance, and measure up to 3 inches, which make them flattering on the wrist. The versatile design of the cuffs allows them to be worn in 2 different ways as they can be worn in either a buttoned look or a cuffed look. If you want to appear sophisticated and regal, try to wear a customized pair of cufflink, which can add a lot of personal touch and showcase your personality in your outfit.

Unique Yoke Design

Our yoke designs are unique and are made from two individual pieces of fabric which are rotated so that the stripes meet in an angle right in the middle, or the pattern is parallel to the seam of the shirt. Unique design helps us add a lot of visual interest, and depth to the outfit, and create a cohesive shirt that does not seem awfully put together. Also helps the shirt fit better across on the shoulder areas, and provide an extra level of comfort to the person wearing it. To showcase this feature, individuals can choose a shirt that has bold stripes, or patterns, and then pair it with dark colored trousers.

High-Quality Buttons: 

The buttons on our shirts are compact and extremely dense replications of mother of pearl buttons, and feature reinforced button holes. This is a great way to enhance the durability of the shirt, and make sure the shirt does not get damaged in the constant wear and tear. Buttons are extremely elegant in their own manner, and are perfect for people who wish to have a simple yet luxurious appearance with their shirt. If you want to create a cohesive appearance, it is best to choose accessories that compliments, the mother of pearl buttons like a wristwatch, or a simple bracelet.

Well-Constructed Inlays

When individuals buy formal shirts from Chester Bernard, they will receive shirts that come with individual pieces of fabrics that have been stitched together and then attached to the placket. This is a great week for the shirt to appear polished and keen without disrupting the pattern or the visual interest of the shirt. For individuals who wish to have a more polished appearance, it would be wise to tuck in their shirt, and roll up the sleeves for a tidy/polished yet traditionally casual look.