How To Perfectly Style Formal Shirts For Weddings?

by Muneeb Khan on January 24, 2024

As the wedding season picks up pace, having a perfect black shirt can be quite helpful to style up easily for any wedding. Considering the current inflation you might be afraid of the high black shirt price in Pakistan, but having a branded high-quality shirt can serve you in many ways to style up. As individuals try to create the perfect outfit for the next wedding event, this article will be a great guide for them. Let us delve into the world of Pakistani men's shirts collection, and create the perfect wedding outfit. 

What Is The General Attire For Men At Weddings?

More often than not, weddings go by an unsaid, but strict rule for men's attire. The outfit has to be formal, yet pick up on all the nuances of modernity. Most men opt for a suit with formal shirts underneath but do not wear a tie, keeping it somewhat modern and casual. This mix between formal and semi formal dressing makes deciding on a perfect wedding dress code quite hard for men. That is why it is essential for men to have a certain set of styles that can be mixed and matched instantly. 

What Are The Unique Shirt Styling Ideas For The Wedding Season?

There are so many designs and styles that have been worn these days, and that can be styled for every event. The unique and extremely charming designs one should consider for the next wedding event are: 

Black Formal Shirts With Suits

One of the most basic outfits is a simple black formal shirt paired with a simple suit. This may seem like a really basic outfit but the charm and elegance of the black shirt can be quite hard to ignore. With premium fabric and fitted stitching, a black formal shirt with a suit can do wonders. 

Semi-Formal Shirts With Formal Pants

If you are attending the wedding of an acquaintance, the outfit has to be both formal yet comfortable. Try pairing semi-formal shirts in any color or simple patterns and pair it with khaki or black pants. Black Semi-Formal shirt is a really comfortable and highly elegant outfit choice fit for all weddings. 

Patterned Shirts With Suit

If you wish to have a risky choice for the next wedding outfit, opt for Chester Bernard Patterned Formal Shirt in Pakistan to add a boost-up to your outfit. The combination of different patterns are a great way to distort your body to look either slimmer or more toned. 

Choose A Color Carefully

One of the most important things to consider whilst trying to style the perfect outfit for a wedding is to choose the color of the shirt extremely carefully. Try wearing darker colored shirts if you wish to appear thinner, and for looking slightly larger, or more toned, try wearing light colored formal shirts. Colors can be chosen based on preference, and themes of the event. 

Accessorize Carefully

Accessorizing is the final element of every good outfit. Opt for a silk or linen pocket square, to completely elevate your outfit. The pocket squares come in many designs and colors. Other than that, a good and shiny pair of boots can do alot for the outfit. Try wearing a silver watch or custom cufflinks to really stand out in the crowd. 

Trust Chester Bernard For Wedding Confidence

When it comes to online shirts in Pakistan, Chester Bernard has to be one of the most desirable options. With the use of high quality fabric, and detailed craftsmanship, we make sure each outfit is made with love and perfection. Partner up with Chester Bernard and invest in a lifetime of wedding convenience and confidence for ages.