How To Maintain The Color Of Dark Formal Shirts?

by Muneeb Khan on June 28, 2024

Dark men’s formal shirts are one of the best additions in every wardrobe, as they are extremely timeless pieces that can be worn on any occasion, at any time of the way, and a wide variety of ways. However, it is quite complex to maintain the color of the formal shirts, as multiple issues, like fading, bleeding, and fabric wear and tear are extremely common. In this article we will take a look at some of the most practical tips that can help individuals mentally in the color of their dark formal shirts and appear more confident.

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Wash In Cold Water: 

One of the most important steps in maintaining the color of dark formal shirts is washing the shirt in cold water. Hot water can cause the dye to weaken which can cause fading, and hot water can also damage the fabric. Make sure to keep the washing machine in cold water and use gentle detergent in order to prevent any kind of fabric damage as cold water can help lock in the dye while preventing fading. 

Turn Shirt Inside Out

By turning the shirt inside out, before washing it, individuals can help prevent friction which can cause damage to the fabric as well as the dye of the shirt. Preventing friction on the outer surface of the shirt, anywhere on the fabrics outdoor surface can be prevented. It is best to turn the inside out, and button up all the shirts, in order to prevent any friction with the drum of the washing machine machine and cause damage.

Use A Gentle Cycle

The agitation of a normal washing machine can be slightly too harsh for dark, colored fabrics, causing them to fade over a period of time.  When washing dark colored formal shirts, it is best to use a gentle cycle as it causes less agitation, is gentler on the fabric, and maintains their color as well as integrity.

Do Not Overload The Washing Machine

Overloading the machine can cause friction between the clothes, which can lead to fading or bleeding of dye over time. It is best to wash the dark colored formal shirts in small loads to give them ample space to move around without causing any friction which can damage their color and the fabric. 

Use A Color Safe Detergent

Regular detergents can be too harsh for dark, colored fabrics, and strip them off their color. A color safe detergent is engineered in a way to prevent any color damage and protect the dye while cleaning it. try to choose a detergent that has been made for darker colored outfits as it contains ingredients that can help lock in color and prevent fading. 

Add Vinegar In Wash Cycle

White vinegar is a great addition in the rinse cycle as it can the dye set in dark colored outfits, and prevent them from fading. It is a great fabric softener and can naturally soften the fibers without causing them any damage. Add a small cap full of white vinegar into the rinse cycle. It will help remove detergent, clean the outfits, maintain the dye, soften the fabric, and the smell dissipates as the shirt dries.

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