How To Acquire Confidence with Formal Shirts?

by Muneeb Khan on January 26, 2024

As men try to improve their fashion sense, more often than not their first step is to invest in high-quality shirts from top shirt brands in Pakistan, even without thinking about how it will look on them. This mistake causes them to look mediocre even while wearing the best formal shirts. However, it is essential to understand that no matter how much you invest in clothing, without confidence, the result will be absolutely zero. This article is a wake up call for men who think they cannot look good in formal clothing, and is an in depth guide into how they can find confidence in men’s formal shirts

Why Is Confidence Important In Clothing?

When it comes to confidence, it is essential in every aspect of life. Confidence is important for its ability to make a person feel completely different. More often than not, even if you are dressed unpleasantly, your confidence will completely change your ambience. That is why, when individuals are looking for mens shirts online in Pakistan, they have to consider the confidence factor a lot. No matter what shirt you choose, be it formal shirts or semi-formal shirts, without confidence they will never look good on you. 

How To Feel Confident With Formal Clothing?

There are a few things that can be done to make sure individuals can find confidence in formal shirts no matter what color or pattern it is. The few things that can help you find confidence in formal clothing, primarily formal shirts are: 

Know Your Body Type
Understand what type your body is. Is it lean or muscular? It is essential to know what your body type is, to be able to understand the patterns are colors that look good on your figure. For people with heavier bodies, darker colors, or slimming patterns may look good, and vice versa for people with slimmer bodies, light colors, and wider patterns will be appealing.

Choose The Perfect Color
The second most important thing to do is choose the perfect color. Opt for lighter colors, like a white dress shirt if you have a slim figure. Lighter colors can help the body appear slightly wider. For people with heavier bodies, darker colors like black or blue, should be chosen, as it can help slim down the body. 

Try On Different Patterns
Take a look at the different patterns, and try to find a pattern that fits your body. Vertical striped shirts can be perfect for people who are on the shorter side, but for taller and slim people, it would be wise to wear checks or dotted patterned shirts. 

Use Affirmations
Most confidence issues stem from childhood insecurities, and it is essential to break down these stigmas before feeling confident completely. Try telling yourself daily, that you look good, no matter what you wear. It is psychologically proven to help you gain confidence if you keep telling yourself that you look good.

Choose A Good Shirt Brand
When trying to expand your shirts collection, and create a more versatile wardrobe, it is essential to find a company that provides both high-quality and exceptionally stitched clothing. Chester Bernard has been providing high quality shirts for individuals to help them find confidence and be comfortable in their own bodies. 

Be it a white shirt or blue checkered men’s semi formal shirts, it will only look good if the person wearing it has confidence. Try to experiment with different patterns, fabrics, and colors to find something that fits you the best. Chester Bernards's dedication to providing confidence can be seen in our exceptional stitching, premium fabrics, and overall variety of colors and patterns.