How Are Dress Shirts Different Than Casual Shirts?

by Muneeb Khan on January 15, 2024

For a well-dressed man, knowing the difference between a dress shirt and a normal/casual shirt is essential. You would certainly not wish to wear a dress shirt to your office and a casual shirt to an important business event. Chester Bernard, a renowned brand providing premium quality dress shirts in Pakistan, has dedicated their time to creating the best collection of dress shirts. In this article, we do in-depth and take a look at the main differences between a dress shirt and a casual shirt. 

What Is A Dress Shirt?

It is a formal outfit, made with stiff, premium fabric. It is typically paired with a jacket, tuxedo, tie, and waistcoat. This shirt comes with stiff collars, wrist cuffs, and long sleeves. The collar can be either wing or a stiff color, with a bow or next-day placement area in the white color. The name of the shirt is usually longer, to make sure it is constantly tucked into your pants. Dress shirts are usually met with smooth, soft, and stiff fabric, more often a mixture of silk and cotton.

What Is A Casual Shirt?

Casual shirts, like their name suggests, or made for casualwear, are an important part of every man's wardrobe. They come in a range of patterns, like herringbone, checks, pins, dots, and graphic designs. They are not as long as dress shirts, as they have no restriction on the weed they are worn. There is no restriction in how the cuffs, colors, or collars are made. They usually come in thicker fabric, like linen, flannel, and cotton.

What Is The Difference Between A Dress Shirt And Casual Shirt?


Dress Shirts: dress shirts will always come in classic colors, like black, white, light blue, and pink.

Casual Shirts: casual shirts can come in a wide range of colors, and there is no restriction in them.


Dress Shirts: dress shirts, do not come in patterns, as they are meant to act as a canvas for layering.

Casual Shirts: casual shirts are available in a variety of factors, like checkered, pins, dots, and herringbone. 


Dress Shirts: dress shirts, have a unique capability of being appropriate in all occasions. They can be worn as office wear and also for casual events. 

Casual Shirts: casual shirts are not appropriate for formal events, due to their colorful, and patterned texture.

Quality And Fabric

Dress Shirts: they are high-quality shirts, made to be worn on certain occasions. They are commonly made with lighter, yet premium fabric like cotton or silk.

Casual Shirts: casual shirts come in a large variety of fabrics, and they are usually a lot denser than dress shirts. They can be made from linen, cotton, flannel, and silk. 


Dress Shirts: Dress shirts are made to be tucked and are required to stay in the same place, and are made longer for this purpose. They have a longer hem. 

Casual Shirts: casual shirts are not made for tucking, and are usually styled untucked. This is why the hem of a casual shirt is more often than not cut short. 


Dress Shirts: Whilst there is no limit to how dress shirts can be paired, there is a general rule that dress shirts must be worn alone or with a suit jacket. 

Casual Shirts: There is truly no limit to how one can style their casual shirt. It can be paired with a formal suit, worn alone, styled under a denim jacket, or over a simple t-shirt. 

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