Buying Mens Shirts: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

by Muneeb Khan on May 01, 2024

When it comes to dressing nicely and making a long-lasting impression, well-fitted formal shirts are considered the cornerstone of all men's fashions. Whether it is for a formal occasion or daily office wear, having to find the right kind of shirt can completely elevate the style and ambiance of a person significantly. However, navigating the world of men's shirts can be quite tough, with the various styles, fits, and fabrics that can be chosen. In this article, we will explore the six frequently asked questions about buying a men's shirt, to help individuals have an easy time choosing the perfect formal shirt for their wardrobe.  

1. What Are The Different Shirt Fits Available?

Men's shirts are available in various fits, each capable of catering to a different body type and style preference. The most common fits are: 

  • Slim Fit: this fit is tailored very close to the body, and it provides a sleek and modern look. It's ideal for people with slender or athletic builds.
  • Regular Fit: a classic fit option that offers a comfortable yet tailored silhouette, which is suitable for most body types. 
  • Classic Fit: similar to a regular fit, but it has a slightly roomier cut, which makes it suitable for people who have broader shoulders, or a more fuller physique. 
  • Athletic Fit: it is designed for people with a muscular build, as it provides more weight in the chest and shoulder area, while tapering slightly at the waist. 
  • Choosing the right fit depends on the body shape and personal style preferences. It is best to experiment with different fits, so that the perfect fit can be chosen.

    2. What Fabric Is Ideal For Formal Shirts?

    In a formal shirt for men, the fabric choice can play a very important role in both the comfort and the appearance of the shirt. Here are some common fabrics used in formal shirts: 

  • Cotton: it is commonly known for its breathability, and the versatility it holds, and makes it a popular choice for formal wear. Egyptian or Supima, cotton, or premium options are chosen for their softness and durability. 
  • Linen: linen is ideal for warmer climates, as it offers excellent breathability and a relaxed yet sophisticated look. However, it can get wrinkled easily.
  • Twill Or Poplin: these fabrics are soft, smooth, and durable, which makes them suitable for formal locations. They have a crisp and polished appearance.
  • Microfiber: This synthetic fabric mimics the look of natural fibers, and is often used due to them being wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for which makes them a practical choice for busy people.
  • Make sure to consider the climate, occasion, and personal preferences, when choosing the fabric for formal shirts.

    3. How Important Is Collar Style In Formal Shirts?

    The color style is capable of having a significant impact on the overall look of the shirt. Some common collar styles include: 

  • Spread Collar: this is a versatile color choice that is capable of working with most tie knots, as it provides a modern and sophisticated appearance. 
  • Point Collar: one of the most classic styles, which is suitable for traditional business settings, as it has a narrow collar point that sits close to the tie knot.
  • Button-Down Collar: a casual yet extremely smart choice, due to its buttons that secured the collar to the shirt, which makes it a great option for business casual attire.
  • Wingtip Collar: even though it is typically reserved for formal events like black tie affairs, this collar can be characterized by its folded wings that frame the tie knot.
  • Try choosing a college style that compliments, your face tie choice, and the formality of the occasion.

    4. What Should Be Considered When Selecting Shirt Colors And Patterns?

    The color and pattern of the shirt can make a significant impact on the overall outfit. For formal shirts, try considering the following:

  • Solid Colors: solid colored shirts are not only timeless and versatile, but classic shirt colors, such as white shirt, light blue shirt, and light pink men’s shirts are essential items for every ward. They are capable of being paired with a variety of suits and ties.
  • Striped And Colors: opt for formal shirts with subtle stripes or checks to add visual interest to the outfit while maintaining a formal appearance. Choose fine striped shirts or small checks shirts for sophisticated looks.
  • Patterns: avoid overly bold or novelty patterns at all costs for formal shirts. Instead, it is better to choose subtle patterns, like herringbone or pinpoint for an elegant touch. 

  • 5. How Do I Ensure The Right Sleeve Length?

    With the help of proper sleeve length, a well-fitted shirt can be made. By following these guidelines, individuals can make sure they have the right sleeve length: 

    • When Wearing A Jacket: the sleeve shirt should be able to extend about half an inch beyond the jacket sleeve for a polished look.
    • Without A Jacket: the shirt's sleeve should reach the base of the thumb when the arms are relaxed at the sides. Try to avoid shirts that are either too long or too short.
    • Tailoring: if ready-made shirts do not fit properly, consider getting them tailored for more precise sleeve length and overall fit. 

    6. What Other Details Should Be Considered? 

    In addition to the fit, fabric, collar style, color, pattern, and sleeve length of the formal shirt, it is very important to pay attention to these details too:

    • Buttons: quality shirts often come with durable buttons that are securely attached. Buttons like Mother-of-pearl add quite a luxurious touch. 
    • Stitching: attention to the need, and even stitching of the shirt, especially around the areas of collar, cuffs, and button holes.
    • Care Instructions: make sure to follow the instructions which have been provided by the manufacturer to make sure that the shirt is usable for a long time. 

    All in all, buying formal shirts in Pakistan involves considering a lot of factors, like fabric, fit, color, style, pattern, collar, sleeve, length, and even attention to detail. By understanding these aspects, and investing in shirts from Chester Bernard, individuals can make informed choices that enhance their style and confidence exponentially. Whether they are dressing for a formal event or an everyday office, finding the perfect shirt is a considerably rewarding experience that changes every wardrobe's ambiance.