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White Shirt With Yellow Red Inlay YPS OL-158

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Welcome spring with Chester Bernard's White Shirt With Yellow Red Inlay, a part of the vibrant Spring Sports Collection. Crafted from 100% cotton, this formal white shirt is meticulously tailored with a classic 2.75-inch collar, two back pleats, full sleeves, single cuffs, and reinforced stitching throughout. The sun-yellow and wine-red inlay infuse energy and sophistication, transforming this garment into an emblem of style and comfort.

Created under the enchanting spring skies, this shirt encapsulates the freshness of blooming flowers and the warmth of the sun. The inlays were designed by master artisans, who were inspired by the gentle hues of daffodils and the rich tones of a vintage vineyard. Each inlay is handmade using in-house fabrics and is stitched with a specially designed technique that offers a precision finish, making the colorful bands an integral part of the shirt's soul.

This exquisite White Shirt with Yellow Red Inlay is your ideal companion for outdoor day events such as garden parties, casual business lunches, or springtime gatherings. Its cheerful colors resonate with the spirit of the season, making it a great choice for daytime wear. Paired with faded blue jeans or tailored trousers, it creates a charming ensemble that exudes casual elegance and resonates with the freshness of spring.