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Powder Pink In Red Stripes Formal Shirt OL/CO-100

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The Powder Pink In Red Stripes Shirt by Chester Bernard is the embodiment of delicate charm. Woven from 100% cotton, the shirt features Powder Pink In Red stripes, subtly enriching the classic formal look. Every stitch showcases our commitment to excellence, with meticulous single needle stitching and 22 stitches per inch. The reinforced mother of pearl buttons add a touch of classic elegance, completing a masterpiece that is bound to grace any formal occasion.

In the artful hands of a Chester Bernard tailor, a vision took shape. Inspired by the soft blush of a blooming rose, he envisioned a shirt that captured this understated elegance. The powder pink in red were born from this very moment of inspiration, carefully woven to emulate the tender grace of a rose petal. Each element of the shirt is a tribute to that fleeting moment of natural beauty, capturing it in a garment designed to enchant.

The powder pink in red stripes is a versatile piece that effortlessly transitions from daytime conferences to evening galas. Its understated elegance pairs well with tailored black or navy trousers, making it ideal for weddings or significant business negotiations. Whether you're sealing a business deal or dancing at a wedding reception, this shirt complements occasions where charm meets formality.