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Blue Printed Seamless Zigzag in Jaquard Formal Shirt OL-36

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The Blue Printed Seamless Zigzag in Jacquard Formal Shirt offers an innovative take on traditional formal attire. Expertly crafted in luxurious Jacquard fabric, the shirt features a subtle seamless zigzag pattern that lends a contemporary edge to the classic design. With a 3-inch collar, two back pleats, full sleeves, single cuffs, 22 stitches per inch, and reinforced mother of pearl compressed buttons, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, reflecting precision and quality.

The design team at Chester Bernard was inspired by the timeless elegance of Jacquard fabric, yet they desired to give it a unique twist. The seamless zigzag pattern emerged as a symbol of endless possibilities and dynamism. It's a design made for those who dare to stand out, who embrace innovation, and who appreciate the intricacies of expert tailoring. The blue hue adds depth and richness, embodying a sense of confidence and poise.

This formal shirt is particularly suited for events that call for an avant-garde flair, such as art gallery openings or modern business conferences. The intricate zigzag pattern pairs well with sleek suits for a cohesive look. Wear it to make a bold statement, conveying creativity and mastery, all while enjoying the luxurious feel of the high-quality Jacquard fabric.