Dark Navy Blue Twill Formal Shirt 101/28
Dark Navy Blue Twill Formal Shirt 101/28
Dark Navy Blue Twill Formal Shirt 101/28
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Dark Navy Blue Twill Formal Shirt 101/28

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Elevate your style with Chester Bernard's Dark Navy Blue Twill Shirt. This classic piece exudes luxury and refinement. It features a stylish 2.5-inch collar, full sleeves, and single cuffs. Our shirt is meticulously constructed with precise 22 stitches per inch (SPI), reinforced with mother of pearl compressed buttons, and single needle stitching throughout the garment. The deep navy hue embodies sophistication and an understated sense of style.

Imagine a master tailor in Karachi, skillfully bringing this garment to life. He delicately handles the premium twill fabric, creating a tapestry of time-honored tradition and contemporary style. The rich, dark navy blue color is a testament to his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Whether you're attending an important evening business meeting or a winter networking event, the Dark Navy Blue Twill Shirt is your ideal companion. Its deep blue hue complements the cooler months, while its twill fabric offers the perfect balance of comfort and style. Step into the room with confidence and make a lasting impression with Chester Bernard.