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Classic White Shirt in Blue Sports Collection OL-158

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Immerse yourself in the epitome of timeless sophistication with the Classic White Shirt in Chester Bernard's Blue Sports Collection. This white formal shirt for men is crafted from 100% cotton, featuring a classic 2.75-inch collar, two back pleats, full sleeves, single cuffs, and 22 stitches per inch. Reinforced mother of pearl buttons and single needle stitching throughout the garment complement the aesthetic appeal, while the navy and cornflower blue tri-band inlay adds a touch of dynamic elegance.

The inception of this shirt began with an aspiration to bridge classic style and the spirit of athleticism. The designers, inspired by the elegance of the sporting world, handcrafted the inlays using specially sourced in-house fabrics. They sought to create a seamless unity of the separate bands with the rest of the shirt, a feat achieved through a specially designed technique, giving life to a masterpiece that transcends time.

The Classic White Shirt from our Blue Sports Collection resonates with those seeking a smart and versatile piece for both business and leisure activities. It's particularly suited for professional conferences, golf outings, and sophisticated gatherings during the spring and summer months. The light white hue is perfectly balanced with the navy and cornflower blue, allowing it to be paired effortlessly with various attire, enhancing your presence at any event.

A word of caution: Do not wash the tri-band white shirts in bleach or in white only detergent as it will cause the tri-band to fade.